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Why Georgetown

Why Choose a Master’s from Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies

Georgetown University has a global reputation for graduating professionals prepared to lead and make a difference in society. Through challenging, relevant coursework and an education focused on ethics, the online master’s programs in Real Estate and Technology Management cultivate a community of discussion and debate among industry professionals and emerging leaders.

The Difference of a Georgetown Education

Georgetown University is one of the world’s leading academic and research institutions. The school is internationally recognized for academics and offers a unique educational experience that prepares students with the technical, analytical, and ethical skills to lead and make a difference in their community, their industry, and the world. Georgetown University is a thriving community of exceptional students learning from the highest caliber of educators and industry professionals. The Georgetown name carries with it a high standard of professionalism, ability, and character.

For more than 50 years, the School of Continuing Studies has set the national standard for program quality and breadth while fulfilling the Georgetown mission of educational outreach and inclusivity. The degrees and programs offered by the School of Continuing Studies bring theory to practice through rigorous curricula led by experts in their fields. The School is committed to adapting to societal and industry challenges and changes, keeping programs and students on the leading edge.

A Powerful Tradition

At the core of a Georgetown University education is the Jesuit tradition of educating the mind, body, and spirit. Drawing upon this legacy and the University’s unique position in the cultural hub of Washington, D.C., Georgetown and the School of Continuing Studies provide students with a world-class learning experience focused on educating the whole person with exposure to different theories, practices, and beliefs. The technology management and real estate programs are the only programs of their kind to require students to complete an ethics course, teaching students to use their skills and profession for social good.

Located in the nation’s capital, the School of Continuing Studies regularly hosts events and lectures featuring global industry and political leaders and encourages a dialogue of important ethical, interdisciplinary, and technical topics and challenges.