Eric Lindner

Eric Lindner’s career has spanned several fields and continents. He was Chairman and CEO of Colonial Parking, Inc., DC’s largest parking company, and co-founder of PCP, Poland’s largest parking company, which he sold to a Belgian conglomerate. He represented investors in Raising Arizona and other Coen films; ran a charter and tour boat line; worked for Bill Gates, Sr. (pre-Microsoft IPO); and joint-ventured with Euronet (post office ATMs in China), Philips (high-tech billboards in Bangkok), and Macquarie (airport privatizations in Poland). He was a GWU trustee for nine years, launched a high school scholarship program for bright, disadvantaged Polish teens (the first recipient will soon get her Harvard Ph.D.), and published a book, Hospice Voices, based on his experience as a hospice volunteer. Eric has a BBA from George Washington University, a JD and MBA from the University of Chicago (joint program).

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