Online Master’s in Real Estate Student Testimonials

Georgetown University’s Master of Professional Studies in Real Estate program helps students develop advanced leadership skills and management knowledge within the context of the real estate industry.

Our alumni go on to lead the global real estate industry at renowned organizations around the world. See what they have to say about their experience at Georgetown University.

Asad Hussaini

MPRE Graduate 2015

“The faculty’s diversity with a multitude of experiences is the most unique thing about Georgetown’s Real Estate program. The faculty is highly specialized and their experience at both a national and global level makes the program so unique…”
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Jerry Ricciardi

MPRE Graduate 2016

“Georgetown’s Real Estate program has a very diverse selection of classes that allowed me to pick and choose areas that would cater more towards my individual career growth…”
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Elizabeth Francis

MPRE Graduate 2017

“I chose to go back to school for the sole purpose of rounding out my education in real estate. I want to relate more to my clients and understand their decisions’ frameworks and guidelines. The program has already assisted in that manner.”

Anamargarita Baasch

MPRE Student – Class of 2021

“Beyond the excellent academic experience, where I have enhanced my professional skills, Georgetown has helped me meet my career goals with the resources that accompany the program, such as the mentorship program and networking with professors and classmates where conversations give rise to new projects. By promoting spaces like this one, the network members can exchange ideas and support each other in their projects.”
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Frank Buffalino

MPRE Student – Class of 2022

“I chose to pursue my master’s degree at Georgetown because it is a prestigious university, and the MPRE program offered everything that I was looking for in terms of learning more in depth about real estate. I solely focus on residential real estate at my current job, and as a real estate professional, I wanted to learn as much as I could about this industry because of my passion for the field. I am always looking to challenge myself, and the MPRE program is a challenging, yet an extremely rewarding experience for me.”

Christian Lauter

MPRE Graduate 2020

“The most important lesson I have gained from being in the MPRE program is that there is always something more to learn. I concentrated in development, and one of the classes I took was multifamily and affordable housing. My expectation was to breeze through the class considering my considerable background in the industry. I came out of the class with a new perspective and many more tools in my career toolbox.”

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