Sports Management Career Outlook

Prepare for the Sports Career of Your Dreams

The global sports market is projected to reach $614.1 billion by 2022, with opportunities in North America accounting for 30.5 percent of that value, according to the Sports Global Market Report 2019.

As a graduate of Georgetown's Master of Professional Studies in Sports Industry Management program, you'll gain the skills, insights, and network needed to join this exciting and highly competitive industry. You'll also have the distinct advantage of earning your degree from one of the top sports management programs in the United States.

Throughout the program, you’ll have opportunities to gain direct experience and connect with members of the industry through your professors — who are experienced industry professionals — as well as internships and professional development workshops.

Online students are welcome to visit Georgetown SCS’s downtown D.C. campus for speaker panels and industry events. You’ll have opportunities to build your network and gain real-world knowledge that will give you an advantage in this highly competitive field. If you’re unable to attend on-campus events in person, you may still be able to participate through live stream.

Sports Management Career Paths

Sports management can lead you down many growing and lucrative career avenues. Our program prepares you for broad business positions within the sports industry, as well as specified roles. Explore a few below.

Marketing Manager
Plan marketing policies and programs for sports teams, products, or facilities, determine the demand for new and existing products, events, and services, identify opportunities to connect with potential customers, and develop pricing strategies that appeal to your audience and maximize profits and market share.

Sales Manager
Analyze sales statistics to determine customer preferences for sports products, events, and services and determine their profitability. Determine plans for special pricing, acquire new customers, assign sales territories, and set sales quotas.

Athletic Business Manager
Promote athletes and represent them in business matters as they work with current or prospective employers. May handle contract negotiation, along with other important business choices for athletes.

Graduates will be qualified for many other jobs in sports management within professional leagues and franchises, collegiate athletics, venue and event management/operations, and sports agencies, as well as non-profit and government organizations. Other notable career paths for sports management degree graduates include:

  • Sports marketing manager
  • Sports information director
  • Director of marketing
  • Director of corporate partnerships
  • Director of sales
  • Event manager
  • Sports information manager
  • Stadium operations manager

Ignite your sports management career and expand your professional network with one of the top programs in the world from one of the nation's most prestigious universities. Call us toll-free at (855) 725-7622 if you have any questions about earning your online sports management degree from Georgetown University.


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