Online Master’s in Technology Management Career Outlook

Measurable Career Growth and Advancement

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in the IT industry are estimated to increase by as much as 11% in upcoming years, faster than the national average.

Graduates of Georgetown’s Technology Management program are equipped with the technical and entrepreneurial skills that enable them to pursue careers in technology and gain access to management positions and coveted spots in top tech companies and businesses.

Alumni of Georgetown University’s Technology Management program take charge of their fields as efficient and effective industry leaders. Graduates hold the professional competencies and discipline to demonstrate leadership, management, and strategy. They also officially join Georgetown University’s global network of proud and professional alumni.

IT managers play important roles in fields as diverse as information security, big data analytics, computer systems design, and high finance. Technology Management alumni are prepared to enter many industries and take on a variety of leadership roles, including:

  • Computer and Information Systems Managers – $151,150 per year1
    Make plans and direct workflow regarding computer-related goals and tasks in different organizations.
  • Computer Systems Analysts – $93,730 per year2
    Find solutions for a company’s potential computer problems by studying the systems in place.
  • Information Security Analysts – $103,590 per year3
    Protect the computer and network systems for different organizations by creating advanced plans.
  • Computer Support Specialists – $65,450 per year4
    Provide support and aid for those in need of help with their computers and systems.

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Career Services

Georgetown is dedicated to helping graduates develop careers by providing the job hunting resources necessary to advance in the field of information technology and beyond.

Georgetown University provides Master’s in Technology Management students with a host of career services, including:

  • Resume preparation resources
  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Interview preparation resources and workshops
  • Information about career-oriented educational workshops and webinars

Additionally, Georgetown University stays connected to potential employers and job recruiters, providing Technology Management students with updates on job postings through emails, newsletters, and social media channels.