Cindy Bonfini-Hotlosz

Cindy L. Bonfini-Hotlosz is the Chief Information Officer of the Jesuit Distance Education Network (JesuitNET). Prior to joining AJCU in December 2001, Ms. Bonfini-Hotlosz was the Director of Distance Learning for Wheeling Jesuit University and the National Technology Transfer Center.

Cindy is a veteran of technology-enhanced distance-based education, piloting one of the first interactive telecommunications courses in 1988 and winning the IBM/AACC Distributed Network Education award in 1996. At Wheeling Jesuit University, she worked with the Nursing Program to launch the first fully online nursing program in West Virginia. Also at Wheeling, she worked with the NASA Technology Commercialization Centers to produce a three-part nationally broadcast satellite series. Her mix of technical ability and instructional design leadership lends itself well to the nature of on-line education. Ms. Bonfini-Hotlosz serves as JesuitNET's senior information technology manager and is responsible for the conceptualization, development and operation of a decentralized Web portal and online course management system to serve the online program marketing and delivery needs of the JesuitNET member colleges and universities. She assumes broad coordination and production responsibilities over university-based academic and technical staff involved in JesuitNET-funded projects. Ms. Bonfini-Hotlosz holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Ohio University and a M.A. in Communications focusing on Instructional Communications from West Virginia University. She is currently completing a doctoral program in Technology Education at West Virginia University.

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