Dahna R. Goldstein

Dahna Goldstein is the Founder and General Manager of PhilanTech, LLC, provider of the patent-pending PhilanTrack online grants management system, a web-based platform that helps social sector organizations manage grant information more efficiently for greater social impact.Prior to starting PhilanTech, Dahna worked for venture philanthropies, including Ashoka and Blue Ridge Foundation New York, and produced interactive eLearning programs for Global Education Network and Harvard Business School Publishing, including the award-winning “What Is a Leader?” program.

A graduate of Williams College, Dahna also holds a Master of Education degree, with a concentration in technology, from Harvard University, and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business. She has written extensively about change management and data integration in the nonprofit sector, including a chapter on managing change for technology in “Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission: A Strategic Guide for Nonprofit Leaders” (Wiley 2009.)

She serves on the board of JustGive.org and was recently named one of BusinessWeek’s 25 Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs.

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