Get the Most Out of a Virtual Internship

Virtual internships — internships where a student is not required to be on site, or even in the same city or state to complete work — are an innovative way for students to gain valuable and relevant work experience while they complete a degree program like Georgetown’s Master’s in Sports Industry Management. Georgetown provides access to a multitude of internship opportunities for their students, including virtual positions they otherwise would not have access to. 

As with any internship experience, the work you do should give you the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned in the program and expand on it while learning about a company, its culture, and its context within the industry. Here are some benefits of a virtual internship, as well as tips for how to make it a successful experience.  


  • You work with top organizations you wouldn’t have access to otherwise due to their location.
  • You gain real-world experience in working with teams that may be spread out across the globe, and in-person interactions aren’t necessary to complete your assignment. 
  • You have access to more types of internship opportunities.
  • It allows you to work on your own schedule.

As part of his sports analytics class, Georgetown graduate Vishnu Edara worked for D.C. United, a professional sports club, analyzing team data and providing insights, “That was possible only because of the virtual internship.” 

Tips for a Successful Virtual Internship Experience

  • Learn how the virtual experience is structured for personal interaction. Will you have the opportunity to interact with other colleagues virtually? Be included in meetings you could learn from, or even support?
  • Make sure you understand how you will be evaluated by both the employer and the school. Your internship should be structured to align with what you are learning in the program. 
  • Secure an academic guide or program mentor to check in with regularly. They can offer advice on how to further maximize your experience through additional projects or expand the scope of the one you have. 

Mike Fanning, who teaches the sports analytics course at Georgetown says, “You can’t just set students loose on a virtual internship. While they don’t need me to tell them what to do step by step, I’m here to coach them along and support them in their efforts.”

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