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Online Master’s in Technology Management Faculty

The faculty members teaching in Georgetown’s online Master’s in Technology Management program are adept at balancing and integrating the demands of technology and business. They’re just as agile at managing their teaching duties and personal interaction with students.

Together, you and these pioneers of technology management will explore how data and systems can support and further organizational goals and performance.

A headshot of Cindy Bonfini

Cindy Bonfini-Hotlosz

Ms. Bonfini-Hotlosz piloted one of the first interactive telecommunications courses in 1988. Today she is the CIO of the Jesuit Distance Education Network.

A headshot of Dahna R. Goldstein

Dahna R. Goldstein

One of BusinessWeek’s 25 Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs in 2009, Ms. Goldstein is the founder of a company that helps social sector organizations manage grant information. She has worked for various venture philanthropies and helped design the award-winning “What Is a Leader?” program.

A headshot of Ramy Guirguis

Ramy Guirguis

Dr. Guirguis’ 20 years of experience in information and communication technology spans work in telecommunications, finance, healthcare, defense and development. He has managed the development, implementation and integration of multiple large-scale enterprise applications.

A headshot of Dustin Kaminsky

Dustin Kaminsky

Mr. Kaminsky currently serves as a Technology Strategy and Architecture Manager in Deloitte's Federal Health Practice, who specializes in technology strategy and custom development of web-applications for the Federal Government.

A headshot of Herbert Leusch-Carnaroli

Herbert Leusch-Carnaroli

Mr. Leusch-Carnaroli’s extensive IT career includes leadership positions at Grant Thornton LLP, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration. He serves as the vice president of strategic accounts at SRA International.

A headshot of Sarah McCue

Sarah McCue

Dr. McCue is an advocate for the innovative use of information and communication technologies in developing countries. She is the founder of BluWorld, which provides opportunities to youth in those areas.

A headshot of Kirk McLaren

Kirk McLaren

Mr. McClaren is a CPA with 18 years of experience leading finance operations and strategic planning. He is the CFO for Family Matters of Greater Washington.

A headshot of Walcelio Melo

Walcelio Melo

Dr. Melo combines academic teaching experience with IT consulting for such companies as Oracle, Unisys and General Dynamics. He is a senior principal at Noblis, a nonprofit that provides IT services to public and private enterprises.

A headshot of Pablo Molina

Pablo Molina

In addition to his post at Georgetown, Dr. Molina is the CIO at Southern Connecticut State University and the Association of American Law Schools. He was awarded the “Outstanding Faculty Member” from Georgetown in 2013.

A headshot of Michael Robey

Michael Robey

Mr. Robey is an enterprise architect with extensive experience working with associations. His specialties include aligning the use of technology with business strategies and processes.

A headshot of William T. Rogers

William T. Rogers

Mr. Rogers has provided financial management, operational and business strategy consulting to nonprofits and federal agencies for over 20 years. His clients have included trade associations, colleges, heath care providers, and the federal government.

A headshot of Lisa Schlosser

Lisa Schlosser

Ms. Schlosser is the director of the Office of Information Collection for the Environmental Protection Agency. She previously served in executive information officer positions for the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Transportation.

A headshot of Brian Schmanske

Brian Schmanske

Dr. Schmanske currently works for the U.S. government, combining systems engineering and finance to build and execute programs in technical organizations.

A headshot of Christiane Shousha

Christiane Shousha

Ms. Shousha has over 20 years of experience in software development, requirements analysis, and project management, spanning various sectors including health care, telecommunications and biometrics.

A headshot of Prabhash Shrestha

Prabhash Shrestha

Mr. Shrestha oversees, manages and strategizes technology needs for the Association of Fundraising Professionals. He speaks frequently at nonprofit technology conferences.

A headshot of Jean C. Stanford

Jean C. Stanford

Ms. Stanford has worked in the healthcare domain and in software development for over 35 years. She has led teams for various software projects including business case development, requirements analysis, and design and coding.

A headshot of Sarah Steinberg

Sarah Steinberg

As the Founder and Principal Consultant of Frogstone Strategies LLC, Dr. Steinberg leverages her extensive leadership experience in higher education to work with colleges and universities to achieve revenue growth and sustainability via pathways including online, continuing and professional education.

A headshot of Dynne Sung

Dynne Sung

Dynne Sung is an IT strategist at Amtrak headquartered in Washington, D.C. Her years of experience span various industries.

A headshot of Chris Vein

Chris Vein

Over the past two award-winning decades, Mr. Vein has had the honor of serving four Presidents of the United States, thousands of professional association practitioners around the world, for-profit consulting organizations, and local government organizations.

Andrea Weckerle

The Founder of CiviliNation, Ms. Weckerle is the author of “Civility in the Digital Age: How Companies and People Can Triumph Over Haters, Trolls, Bullies and Other Jerks.” In the past she ran her own communications consulting company and worked on alternative dispute resolution initiatives for Fortune 500 companies.